New Server

Juni 26th, 2015

Moving to new server, to split up services.

Discovery 2.0 on PS Vita!

Juni 17th, 2015
Discovery 2.0 on PS Vita!
Wow! That was a close one! Discovery 2.0 has been approved for PS Vita and is now available -for 4 weeks only- on the Playstation Mobile channel in the store. Browse it with your Vita here:

Discovery 2.0 on OUYA

Juni 4th, 2015

I'm very proud to report that Discovery 2.0 passed review on the new platform OUYA!

Get it here!

More news soon!

New platforms

Mai 31st, 2015
New platforms

I have submitted Discovery to a new Platform and it hopefully gets accepted.
For this platform I had to completly rewrite the whole engine. So Discovery's version jumped to 2.0.
This means:

  • More smooth gameplay through multi-thread usage
  • a lot of bug fixes
  • support for shaders
  • support for advanced lighting
  • better stability -> less data corruption
  • more comfortable menus
  • more flexible input by unifying all controls (touch, gamepad, keyboard, mouse)
  • faster updates with new content/features

That's why there weren't a lot of updates here in the last year, because it took so long to get this beast up.
Currently worlds from version 1.7 and below are not working. So I first have to write a conversion function for them, before I can release it to existing platforms. I guess it will take some 1-2 months more.

Long long time ago...

März 2nd, 2015
since last update. I'll try to post more often.

Discovery on sale!

Mai 12th, 2014

Discovery is currently on sale for Windows platforms, get it for the half of normal price!

Discovery - iOS

Mai 6th, 2014

The iOS version has just been submitted to Apple for review.

Disappearing worlds after update

Mai 6th, 2014

Hi, as many of you may have noticed, your worlds are missing after updateing from 1.6. to 1.7. There's a small bug in there. The worlds should reappear after restart of the app.

Discovery - Android and Amazon

April 29th, 2014 has been submitted for Amazon and Android.

Should be available instantly for Google Play users and in a few days for Amazon Kindle users.

Discovery available for Mac OSX (10.6.6 or greater)

April 5th, 2014

Good news for all Mac users. Discovery is now available in the Mac Asppstore. It is the newest version You'll find it by clicking on the badge below

Discovery - what's new?

April 1st, 2014
Discovery - what's new?

First of all sorry for the long waiting time. I have rewritten a lot of code in order support the Mac OSX platform. Still the engine is in an intermediate state of change. Unfortunately code rework most times doesn't bring any new features. Also I didn't want to do to many things at once.

For we decided to refine and extend the materials, because a lot of people asked to have more variety in the game. Above you can see a collection of new materials now available. Furthermore we have slightly tweaked the textures of some existing materials and adapted the terrain generation to support the new tree types.

I have also worked on the data loss bugs and made some fundamental changes which I hope finally resolve the biggest problems there. You can also now delete backuped world files which helps to  clean up the recovery system.

In the coming days I will do some porting work to push through the platform pipeline and start on the next version ASAP.

Mac OS X release

April 1st, 2014

Good news for anyone owning a Mac and wanting to play Discovery on it. I have just submitted it for review to Apple. If they don't find any issues it will be available until end of the week.

The Mac version will be the first version that gets which I'll be talking about in a different entry.


März 27th, 2014
Hi! There will be a release of Discovery soon

Flappy Flying Pig

Februar 14th, 2014

Get Flappy Flying Pig here:

Cert passed. Should be available soon!

Januar 8th, 2014


New Windows Phone version submitted!

Januar 6th, 2014

Version has just been submitted for certification and should fix the install/update issues on Windows Phone 8.

Thanks to the people that informed me about the issues!

Update/Install issues 2

Januar 5th, 2014

Hi everyone.

Unfortunately there seems an install/update problem with Discovery on Windows Phone 8. It has passed certification (at Microsoft) so I thought that everything would be fine. I have myself tested it now on Lumia 710 (Windows Phone 7.5) where it works flawlessly and on my Ativ S (Windows Phone 8) where it didn't updated/reinstalled.

I'm taking this serious and will try to fix the problem ASAP!

Update/Install issues

Dezember 27th, 2013

Because since the first days of Discovery some people are having trouble with purchasing/installing/updating/starting it, I will describe the most common solutions to the problem.

First of all: All these issues are UNRELATED to Discovery itself. All store platforms tes each version of Discovery for a minimum of compliance, especially installation/updating. So to make sure: I can't do anything against, if a purchase/install/update doesn't work correctly.

But... there's light at the end of the tunnel. 90% of the people that that write me an email complaining about the above issues also find a way to fix their problems without me. So here we go:


If you have bought an app in any of the stores, and the money transfer aka. "transaction" is done (you will most probably receive an email), the app is bound to your account. PERIOD! That means you can uninstall/install/reinstall as often as you want. What may confuse you is that -on reinstall- some stores still display a price tag. But if you continue in the order process the amount you will be charged will be set to zero. To be precise: It is not possible to buy an app twice (aka. 2x) with the same account on the same store, without having refunded it. If for some reason you're charged twice you have to contact the store provider (Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft) to solve the problem. I can't do anything because all payment/app delivery is being done on their side.


Sometimes the installation does not succeed. The most simple solution solution is to reboot/restart your device, to kill hanging store processes.


If Discovery doesn't start, please try first reboot-/restarting your device. If that doesn't help try uninstall->install (loss of data)


If the game for some reason doesn't react anymore and you can't get back into the game anymore, try killing the process of the app (please google how to end processes on your device). If you don't know how to do it, reboot the device by turning it off/on.


I hope this solves most of the problems and you can enjoy the game!




Dezember 22nd, 2013

The update to brings all platforms to feature parity except of the cloud backup/sharing system which is still Windows Phone 7/8 exclusive

Added Features:
-4 different animals (only in FULL/TRIAL version not in LITE version). More will follow early next year.
-Local Backup/Restore system. Make multiple backups of your worlds to your local filesystem and restore them when your world gets lost or you want to go back in time. It can also be used to extend your world slot count.

-fixed crash on Windows Phone 8 due to missing extended mem flag.
-fixed crashes on Android/Amazon when game gets inactive and resuming.
-better handling of suspend actions on all platforms -> your worlds shouldn't get lost anymore when game becomes inactive. released/submitted

Dezember 22nd, 2013

Phew! Managing all these platforms is really a mess, because all of those little low-level differences between the platforms. But tonight I submitted the Windows 8 version which is the last one that has to be certified by the store provider. The Windows Phone and iOS versions have been submitted on thursday. I doubt that iOS and Windows versions will be available before christmas, but let's see. The last platform to be updated is XBox 360. I'll think I'm able to finish the update before the end of the year!

Merry christmas to all of you!!